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Ander Turnstone

Male Half-Giant Bookbinder (Level 20)

Personality: (Impulsive) (Selfless) (Haughty) (Greyhawk)

Chaotic Neutral alignment

STR 11 INT 17 WIS 11 DEX 5 CON 12 CHA 10


Ander is about two and a half times taller than the average man, but he is a half-giant so his height is normal. He is well muscled and has a very large, almost muscled frame. His hair is dark brown, but his skin is very pale and his beard is dark and thick. His eyes are large and round, giving him a somewhat retarded look. The half-giant is always dressed in leather armor and a full set of weapons and armor. He has several scars and battle wounds on his hands, arms, and chest. He has a huge ax that he wields with one hand, having the other hand tied behind his back as he moves.


Ander has a large ego and always believes that he's the best at what he does. He thinks that the world would be better if he was always put in charge, and thinks it's a shame that he's not. Ander often rebuffs and insults strangers, sometimes even attacking them if they get to close to him. He thinks he's invincible, so even if he does get into a fight, he thinks he can handle it and often puts himself into situations he has no hope of escaping from.


Ander grew up in a small town, living with his mother and father. They were poor farmers and Ander was the second youngest of the children. Ander's father was of average height, but his mother was from an average giant family, so Ander became a half-giant when born. As a teenager Ander began fighting in the pits, earning his way up the ranks quickly. He was undefeated for almost a year, but eventually he had to face a large half-orc. The half-orc nearly killed Ander, through the half-giant's brute strength alone, Ander was able to win the match. After being defeated, the half-orc fled the town, leaving without a word. Ander still lives with his parents, but he has an unknown source of income which he uses to pay them back for everything they gave him.

Combat / Skills:

Ander is a master woodsman and ranger. He is an average tracker and hunter. He's an average warrior. He's an average archer.

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