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Female Reptoid Thatcher (Level 20)

Personality: None

Neutral Good alignment

STR 13 INT 11 WIS 13 DEX 10 CON 13 CHA 12


Cydney is a 5'6" tall, green-scaled, humanoid reptile. Her eyes are bright green, and she has a forked tongue. She wears a brown tunic and pants, with a green scarf wrapped around her neck. She has a belt with a number of pouches, and a dagger at her hip.


Cydney is friendly and outgoing. She loves to talk, and will try to engage the players in conversation. She is also curious, and will ask the players about their adventures. She is interested in learning about other cultures and races. If pressed for information, she will tell the players that she is a thatcher, and that she is looking for work. She will also tell the players that she is from a small village to the south, and that she is hoping to find work in Crowthorne.


Cydney is a thatcher from a small village to the south. She is a hard worker, and has a good reputation. She is looking for work in Crowthorne, and is hoping to find a good job.

Combat / Skills:

Cydney is a skilled thatcher. She is able to thatch roofs, and make them waterproof. She is also a decent cook, and can make a mean stew. She has no combat ability.

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