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Male Dwarf Merchant (Level 16)

Personality: (Absent Minded) (Boastful)

Lawful Good alignment

STR 8 INT 17 WIS 8 DEX 10 CON 16 CHA 16


Kort is the typical big, well dressed dwarf. He runs a shop in Crowthorne that specializes in the sale of gems. He's a bit of a braggart, but he generally keeps his customers happy. Kort has an eye for quality gemstones, but lacks the actual knowledge to get the best price for his gems. He tends to overcharge his customers, but they don't mind.


If players approach Kort, who is usually helping customers in his shop, he will greet them in the stereotypical dwarven manner. If they ask about something in his store, he will brag a bit about his wares and how he'd be able to give players a better price than the other shops in the city. If pressed for information, Kort will tell players that they have the best gemstones in the city.


Kort is a noble dwarf, who is proud of his heritage. He was raised in a large clan of dwarves, and learned the trade of being a gem dealer from his father. He was well respected in his clan, but when he declared his love for one of the daughters of another noble clan, he was disowned. He eventually married the noble woman he loved, but they were very poor. His wife insisted the two work hard to get by, and together they opened a shop dealing in gems. While the two barely scraped by, they worked hard to make their trade prosper. After years of hard work, they have built a thriving business and are known for their beautiful gems.

Combat / Skills:

Kort has the typical dwarven skill set, able to craft fine items. He is a master gem cutter. He is an average cook, but is able to create a variety of tasty treats. He is a proficient weaponsmith, able to craft even the most intricate of weapons. He is also able to repair weapons and armor, and he's an above average gem cutter.

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