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Male Half-Elf Ranger (Level 11)

Personality: (Absent Minded) (Adorable) (Lonely) (Naive)

True Neutral alignment

STR 9 INT 8 WIS 9 DEX 15 CON 9 CHA 13


Nesu is a six foot seven inch half-elf. He has long, waist length, sun-lightened brown hair. His eyes are green and his ears are pointed. He wears a small brown leather vest and pants, brown leather boots, and a small leather pouch attached to his belt.


Nesu is a quiet and observant individual. He likes to stay out of the way of trouble, but he will step up to the plate when the situation calls for it. He is novice at using his skills, but he is confident in what he can do. He will use any means at his disposal to get out of trouble if need be. He is always ready to help a friend in need.


Nesu was born in the Elven city of Sarn years ago to an elven father and an elven mother. His parents had had a brief encounter and when his father discovered that his mother was pregnant he was thrilled. “After all,” he said, “everyone knows that half-elves have more magic than their elven parents, more energy than t their human parents, and are the best of both worlds.” It turned out that there was more to being half-elf than just having magic, energy and looking better than both parents put together. It was because of his father’s optimism, though, that he was accepted into the elven community, which was rare for half elves. He grew up in Sarn, playing with his half-brothers and half-sisters, and constantly being told by his family that he was the strongest half-elf in the history of the world. He grew up listening to his father’s tales of his exploits, and he knew that he would follow in his father’s steps. When Nesu was in his teens, his father left Sarn and the family behind, never to be seen again. His mother, Therys, died shortly thereafter, and Nesu was left with his fourteen year old brothers and sisters. Nesu left Sarn to find his father when he became of age, so as to learn the ways of Nimbor. He remained away for years. He was taught the way of Nimbor, and became quite adept at fighting, hunting, and tracking, as well as reading and writing, though it was only for his father that he learned these last two skills. Nesu has since returned to the Elven city, and he guards the entrance to the city from the surrounding wilderness.

Combat / Skills:

Nesu will fight using his two bows and his two throwing knifes. He will never use hit and run tactics, he will find the best hiding place he can find, and he will wait for his opponent to come into range. He will then take aim and attempt to shoot his opponent’s weapon so he must fight hand to hand. Battling in this manner is a last resort, as he would much rather use his bow to defeat his opponent.

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