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Female Human Shadow Knight (Level 17)

Personality: (Adorable) (Adventurous) (Happy) (Respectful)

Neutral Evil alignment

STR 13 INT 11 WIS 13 DEX 11 CON 17 CHA 12


Nalneen is a pretty woman with blond hair and violet-colored eyes. She is muscular and well-endowed. She wears padded leather armor and carries a war hammer.


Nalneen is a member of the Church of the Lawgiver. She brings the word of the Faithful to the dark corners of the world. She is kind and concerned for the people of the world, and is a helpful ally. She follows the Path of the Righteous and is a staunch supporter of the preservation of life.


Nalneen was born in a small, safe community in the north. Her family were faithful members of the church. At the age of 19, she married a local hunter who was a member of the church. They had one daughter, but the young girl grew up in the strange land of the south. Nalneen worked hard to ensure that her daughter was taught the ways of the church. The family, however, grew apart and eventually divorced. Her daughter became estranged, and Nalneen was left alone. Nalneen resumed her journey to spread the word of the Lawgiver. She believes in the Lawgiver's teachings and his mission of purity, and hopes to bring the faith of the church to all he has been ignored.

Combat / Skills:

Nalneen is a skilled warrior and will attack the party with her war hammer when cornered. She will attempt to Exorcise one party member if she feels threatened. Upon defeating an opponent, she will attempt to heal that player.


Nalneen carries a war hammer and will attack with it. She will also attempt to channel positive energy to heal players. Additionally, she carries a holy symbol of the Lawgiver, which she will use to channel positive energy.

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