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Hrothgar Bronzebeard

Male Golem Hunter (Level 3)

Personality: (Impulsive) (Obnoxious) (Grouchy)Lord of the Rings)

Lawful Good alignment

STR 9 INT 14 WIS 9 DEX 13 CON 11 CHA 14


Hrothgar is a golem. His skin is a dull, metallic gray. He has a very large, heavy set face with sunken cheeks and a heavy brow. He has large, dark eyes, a pointed nose, and a very small, thin mouth. His features are quite coarse and not very attractive. His body is quite loose and he waddles when he walks. He has large, powerful hands, and his feet are very large and heavy. He carries a longsword at all times.


Hrothgar is loud and gruff, but not unfriendly. He is totally devoted to his duties and has no time for social activities beyond those required to fulfill his duties. As he was once a human, he has an innate sense of fairness.


Hrothgar used to be a human barbarian, but he became a golem when he was buried alive. He is now a hunter of the living, willing to work for anyone willing to pay.

Combat / Skills:

Hrothgar is a fighter. He prefers to charge into combat. He fights with his longsword.


Hrothgar wears a suit of full plate armor and carries a longsword.

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